Zehra cast

Now, after the announcement of the fourth season, Young Justice: Phantomsit seems like fans will get to see the story continue on HBO Max. In the third season, he goes by the codename Nightwing and serves as a mentor to the Outsiders. Despite having no powers, he is the most experienced from the original team.


Dick is voiced by singer and actor, Jesse McCartney. Kaldur was the sidekick of Aquaman and the son of the villain, Black Manta. In addition to Kaldur, Payton also provides the voice for Black Manta and Black Lightning in the series, among others. His abilities are limited versions of Superman's, lacking certain skills like the ability to fly, heat vision, and super speed.

zehra cast

M'gann M'orzz goes by the codename Ms. Martian and was introduced as Martian Manhunter's niece. Her form is that of a green martian but it was revealed that unlike her uncle, she was actually a white Martian and that she was masking her true identity.

She possesses the same martian abilities as J'onn does including shapeshifting, telekinesis, and telepathy.

I opened 200 APEX PACKS in Apex Legends and this happened..

Artemis Crock joined the team as an archer, using her first name as her moniker. After she took on the title of Tigress, she began using other weapons like swords, darts, and a crossbow instead of a bow and arrows.

Wally West was the nephew and former sidekick the FlashKid Flash. He was an original member before he and Artemis retired but were called back to help the team which resulted in Wally Sacrificing himself. Brion Markov was the former Prince, now King, of Markovia and became a member of the Outsiders as Geo-Force after being banished from the country. She would eventually train with and join the outsiders taking the name Halo as her codename.

Both versions are voiced by Crispin Freeman. He has a passion for film, art, music and all other forms of artistic expression. When he is not spending his time writing, he enjoys watching tv and movies. The Cast.

By Wesley Bell Sep 28, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Lists young justice.See photos of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Leonardo DiCaprio before they hit the big-time, and revisit their earliest onscreen roles.

See the full gallery. Zehra comes to the world as the daughter of a conservative Turkish family in Frankfurt. The incredible story of Zehra, starting at the home of the poor and enthusiastic family in Germany, and continuing with a rich family of Istanbul with secrets and a terrible crime. Written by ahmetkozan. Please how do i watch it? I cant find play button, anyone can explain to me how to watch movies in here please???? Looking for something to watch? Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show.

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zehra cast

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites.

User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions.The series focuses on dissociative identity disorderportrayed by Zahid Ahmed along with Sonya Hussain and Sami Khan in lead role whereas Zarnish Khan and Jinaan Hussain in pivot roles. It also has Yumna Zaidi and Azekah Daniel in an extended cameo appearance.

It was very popular in India as well [6]. Gohar is a poor but happy girl who is in love with a boy named Kashif. Kashif too is serious about her and intends to marry her. Consequently, she is forced to accept the proposal of a nasty cousin Jehangir, because her father owes them money. Gohar and Kashif,on Gohar's sister's advice decide to elope, but on the day of the marriage, both of them return halfway due to familial obligations, and avoid contact with each other.

Meanwhile, Sameer is a wealthy, handsome, and young businessman whose mother abandoned him when he was a child and his father died soon after.

He was then raised by his step-mother Sabiha. Due to traumatic experiences in his childhood he developed split personality disorder, which has been kept a secret between him and Sabiha. He got engaged to a girl named Zoya whom he loved and hoped would help him get over his issues, but she died mysteriously before their marriage. Jehangir eventually finds out and tells her family who bar her from working anymore. Gohar refuses, but Saleem accepts the cheque, and withdraws money using it.

He is able to pay back the loan and also breaks Jehangir and Gohars engagement. He is jailed but comes out after some time on bail. His boss Donia is a wheelchair bound, bitter woman because her fiance left her. Kashif slowly helps her mend her trust and bring back her liveliness and she is able to walk again.

Their relationship blossoms, as does Sameer and Gohars. Sabiha, fearing that Gohar is trying to trap Sameer fires her. A subsequent meeting between the two companies leads to Gohar seeing Kashif after a long time, but neither of them speak about their failed attempt to marry each other, making them believe they betrayed each other.

In an attempt to save her respect, Sameer announces that he is engaged to Gohar, silencing his mother. Later, during a dinner, he tells Gohar that he truly likes her and formally proposes to her. Gohar on seeing kashif accepts the proposal. This is witnessed by Kashif and Donia who also happen to be there.

Sameer agrees on the condition that after the wedding, Saleem and his family should maintain no contact with Gohar. Saleem agrees reluctantly.

zehra cast

Despite Kashif wanting Gohar to marry him, she marries Sameer and on the wedding night comes face to face with his other female personality, Sameera. He tells her that Sabiha drove Suraiya out of the house after framing her of cheating on her husband and led everyone to believe she died. A series of flashbacks show the abuse Sameer was inflicted to during his childhood at the hands of Sabiha and his nanny Shakra. Ehsaan ordered the child to be killed, driving Shakra to seek revenge.

She poisoned him and emotionally tortured Sameer, causing him to develop an alternate identity of a girl. Gohar leaves Sameer a note asking him to visit the old home where his mother is. When he reaches there, he comes face to face with Akbar Chacha who tells him the truth about his mother.She plays Halo, but she also plays about a dozen other characters. Prior to her voice acting career, Fazal, who is Muslim-American and of Pakistani descent, was known for her irreverent comedy often poking fun at Muslim identity.

On her return to the U. Fazal was born in Libertyville, Illinois and grew up in Indiana.

Zehra Fazal

She has a B. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. South Asian American actress, comedian, and voice actress. Libertyville, IllinoisU. Twitter in Latin. Retrieved Retrieved 20 November Muslimah Media Watch.

Zehra Fazal

Washington Post. Mooney on Theatre. Youth in Decline. Zehra Fazal. I also had the pleasure of voicing Hunk's mom on season 7 of Voltron: Legendary Defender. Grateful to be a… " ". You can always count on my girl Faraday… " ". Love playing The Squashinator. So much fun singing her operatic… " ". Behind the Voice Actors. Retrieved February 16, Check mark indicates BTVA has verified the entries using screenshots of credits and other confirmed sources.

I can officially announce I've joined the cast of Young Justice Outsiders as the voice of… " ". I love playing two "Harpers," doing my best to catch up to CrispinFreeman". Big Hero 6: The Series. Season 2. Episode Disney Channel. Do not read unless you want to find out that Pickles has, in fact, two friends named Ilana!

Animation World Network. Thrilled to announce that ApexLegends, a free-to-play battle royale game set in the Titanfall universe, has dropped today! You'll hear me throughout the game as the AI announcer.Check out the movies and shows we're excited about this month, including " Star Trek: Discovery " and After We Collided.

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Visit our What to Watch page. Sign In. Zehra Fazal Actress Miscellaneous Crew. Down this week. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Share this page:. Indian Actors. New celebrity. Above Rubies. Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Zehra Fazal's work have you seen? User Polls New fall '14 TV show you most want to watch? The Incorrigible, Contemptuous, Cowardly Dr.

Known For. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Mara. Apex Legends AI Announcer. Jump to: Actress Miscellaneous Crew Self. Basemax voice. Show all 10 episodes. Subia - Spoiler Alert Zahra voice. Show all 9 episodes. Yunan voice.In order to appease his ailing sister, a rich businessman marries a working class girl for 6 months in exchange for money. The contract marriage turns into a relationship that will have unintended complications down the line. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet.

Get the IMDb app. Discover three action-packed movies to stream on Prime Video, from a wild ride where Will Smith fights his younger self to Daniel Craig 's first heart-pounding mission as James Bond.

Get some streaming picks. Sign In. Added to Watchlist. Merve Sevin. Facebook Twitter E-mail. I have left it at episode The styling -clothes,hair-is totally out of fashion. There is no chemistry between the main characters. It seems writers and hair stylists didn't like their actor since they made his hair look like a play mobile and everything in their power to present a snobbish, arrogant person.

At the first episodes he is abusing with words and behavior his wife Too slow. Did You Know? Contribute to this page Edit page.

Add Episode. More To Explore Search on Amazon.Do you fancy a crazy, swoon-inducing love story? Or are you yearning for drama-rich content, and over-the-top plot twists? Indeed, well-choreographed shows can invoke emotion, giving you a perception of realness. This weekend, rather than powering through your old favourites, make a change.

Cennet is a romantic drama television show telling the story of a lady on a journey of vengeance and redemption. Interesting, isn't it? It is ordinary for soap operas to test the audience's patience and their sense of time.

Fans are intertwined in the captivating stories that unravel on their screens, and they probably would be glued up to the show's conclusion. The staple subjects of these shows, which are family, marriage, politics, and business are the centre stage. A soap's addictive plot with twists and turns can glue you to your seat. Before you start watching the first episode of this popular show, make sure you have your supplies intact — you will hardly move an inch.

Spanish telenovelas have, over time, been ranked as the most outstanding, perfectly bringing out the romance, revenge, redemption, and rivalry themes. However, as various societies are assimilating different cultures, the not-so-familiar forms of entertainment are being adapted. Cennet is a classic example of such a move, which is a Turkish telenovela adaptation of the South Korean show Tears of Heaven.

Considering its unconventional approach to the classic soap opera narrative, Cennet is a great show to watch — you will undoubtedly be entertained.

Who wants to watch a show that they abandon halfway after struggling to find an interesting plot twist or captivating story? Cennet revolves around a beautiful, determined, and intelligent woman that was given up by her mother as a baby.

Her grandmother raised her as her daughter, helping her work towards her dream of becoming an architect. As Cennet is growing up, she has little in her life except for her best friend.

However, they are later separated because of an accident, making his best friend vanish from her life. Even though she had a poor background, years later, Cennet has become one of the most promising students in her architecture class and is destined for greatness. However, she later learns that the young boy that she infatuated with when they were young and were separated works at the same firm.

Cennet meets Selim, her childhood friend, and is gradually drawn to him, and they start remembering their past. However, Melisa's mother is not happy with the relationship as she wants her daughter to marry Selim.

This came about at a time when her professional life was on the ascent. She shows them that it is never too late for redemption. You are probably wondering about this and the characters that bring this interesting story to life.

The Turkish adaptation of the South Korean show Tears of Heaven is undoubtedly well-portrayed by talented actors. Who are they? Almila Ada is a professional Turkish actress that plays Cennet Yilmaz in the popular show. She was born on August 4,and is 26 years old. The actress is also a model and ballerina, activities she picked up at a very young age.

Many fans have marvelled at the successful depiction of her character in Cennet as she perfectly brings out the inspiring story. Almila loves animals, especially dogs. She is very discrete about her social life and prefers to keep her matters private. Amila has stated that she loves the intelligence and hardworking nature of her Cennet character.

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